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How to delete or permanently delete a POF account

How to delete or permanently delete an account in POF

Delete POF account It is something common that almost always comes after achieving the goal on this type of website. Since, like Tinder, Plenty Of Fish is a site created to meet people, have flirts, find a stable partner or just one night stands. So when you get what you’re looking for, chances are you want unsubscribe from the platformsomething you can do quickly and easily.

Whether using your computer or Android or iOS mobile device, permanently delete your POF account It is a fairly simple procedure that you can perform from the platform itself. Please note that this requires you to be logged in to the profile you wish to delete. Later you can ask the site to cancel it permanently. Read this post to the end to know what are the steps to follow.

From the phone

Delete your POF account from the Android or iOS terminal does not require the use of the application. On the contrary, you must access this link from the browser of your choice on the device and follow the instructions described below:

  1. Log in in your account.
  2. Choose a reason why you want to unsubscribe from POF.
  3. Press “Delete account”.

Note: In addition to this, the platform will ask you the number of appointments you had and if you would recommend the service to other people. If you have found a partner, the website will also ask you for their username. However, the latter is optional.

It’s that simple delete an account in POF from your Android or iOS terminal. Do not forget to uninstall the application once you stop using the service, this way you will save space on your device.

from PC

The steps to follow permanently delete your account in POF from the PC they are exactly the same ones you should follow on mobile. However, to get a clearer idea of ​​the process, take a look at what they are, below:

  1. Access this link from your computer.
  2. Enter your access credentials (username and password) to login.
  3. Select the why you want to delete your POF account. In the same way, complete the small questionnaire on the web, indicating how many appointments you had and if you would recommend the service to someone else.
  4. When everything is ready, press the button “Delete account”.

By doing so, your POF user will have disappeared completely and you will not be able to re-enter the platform with the same data. Therefore, in case you want to return, you will have to create a new account.

Reasons to delete your account

Probably the Plenty Of Fish service was not what you expected and that is why you decided to delete your profile within the platform. However, there are other reasons why you could unsubscribe from POF. Among which are:

  • You didn’t meet anyone inside the platform.
  • You already met someone and you do not need to continue using the service.
  • You have a person outside of POF.
  • The messages you received on the web leave a lot to be desired.
  • You prefer to try another dating service.
  • Others.

Possible problems when deleting the account

It is possible that when trying delete your POF account Some problems arise that prevent you from doing so, among these are:

  • You forgot your account access data.
  • Your profile was suspended or penalized for violating the platform’s usage policies. Check your email to confirm if this is what happened.
  • Some important detail is missing, like a capital letter in your username.
  • The email you indicate does not correspond to the one registered on the platform.
  • Your account has already been suspended.

any of these causes generates error when entering POF and, consequently, when wanting to delete the account within the web.

Uninstalling the app does not delete your account

It is important to clarify that, even if you uninstall the application, if you do not follow the procedure mentioned above, the account will remain open until you decide to carry out the indicated steps. If you want to remove the app from POF you must first unsubscribe from the networkotherwise it won’t work.

final information

Note that when delete your POF account, any information, contact or friend you have had on the platform will disappear. This is an irreversible process, so it is recommended to be safe when doing it. On the other hand, this does not mean that the service has definitely disappeared for you, you just have to create a new account on Plenty Of Fish to enjoy its benefits again.