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How to recover a Facebook account: all methods

How to recover a Facebook account all methods

If you wish recover a facebook accountit is necessary to mention that you must have at hand different personal tools such as your phone number or email. In case you do not have these options, Facebook will give you other alternatives to confirm and make sure that you really are the person who is trying to recover a certain profile. You may be able to recover instantly, or you may have to wait no more than a month.

Clarified these points, in the following tutorial you will find different options to recover a facebook accounteven if there is forgot your passworddo not have a registered telephone number or do not have the email account enabled. The procedures can be a bit long and with delays in response times, but it is the only way to secure and protect the account against a hacker.

with the phone number

When you register with Facebook, the platform offers you add your phone number to log in faster or to recover your Facebook account using a verification code, in case you have forgotten your password or email. If you’ve added your phone number and can’t access your account, follow these steps:

  1. Opens Facebook and press «Did you forget your password?”.How to recover a Facebook account with the phone number step 1
  2. Enter your email, phone number, or first and last name to search for your account. Then press “Search» either «Following”.
  3. Choose «Send code by SMS» Y choose your phone number. You will be able to recognize it with the last two digits of the number.How to recover a Facebook account with the phone number step 4
  4. Now check your phone and see if you have received a text message with a 6 character code. If so, enter it.
  5. Write a new password and press “Continue
  6. You will see an information window indicating if you want sign out on other devices. Choose “Sign out of other devices” or “Stay signed in”. To finish, press “Continue”.

Using email

If you can access the email with which you registered your Facebook account, the procedure will be easier. Facebook will send you a verification code to your email and with it you can recover your account quickly. With that being said, take a look at the steps below to recover your facebook account using email:

  1. When you open Facebook, tap “Did you forget your password?”.
  2. Write your phone number, full name or email to locate your account, then press “Search”.
  3. Choose the option “Send code by mail”.How to recover a Facebook account with email step 3
  4. Look in your mail for a message from Facebook with a 6 digit code. enter them and press “Continue”.
  5. Now, add a new password complying with the requirements of Facebook.

Using the Google account

This is a new option that Facebook has enabled for all users who manage Google account or Gmail. Just sign in to that account so you can quickly reset your Facebook profile. To use this solution, take a look at the steps that will be described below:

  1. Open Facebook and press “Did you forget your password?
  2. In this step it is recommended that you write your Gmail account so that you can see the recovery option with the Google account. Then select “Search”.
  3. Choose the option “Use my Google account”.How to recover a Facebook account with a Google account step 3
  4. You will see that an external window will open asking you to log in with a Gmail account. If you are already logged in, choose one of your accounts or click on “use another account”.How to recover a Facebook account with a Google account step 4
  5. Once you log in to your Gmail account, you will see a message from Facebook indicating that your email was verified successfully. Now you can reset your account password.
  6. Enter a new password for your Facebook profile and press “Continue”.

with trusted friends

This option is totally viable in case do not have a registered number to your Facebook account no email available. However, it should be remembered that you can use this procedure only if you have configured it before during account registration. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this solution. Clarified this point, observe the steps you must follow to recover your facebook account with trusted friends:

  1. Sign in to Facebook.
  2. write your email, phone or full name.
  3. Choose «No longer have access?”.How to recover a Facebook account with trusted friends step 3
  4. Write an email address and a telephone number that you can access and click on “Continue”.
  5. Choose «Reveal my trusted contacts”.How to recover a Facebook account with trusted friends step 5
  6. Enter the full name of one of your trusted contacts and press “Confirm”.
  7. Now send them the URL that Facebook offers you and ask them to enter. Each one should send you a different code. After you enter it, press “Continue” to recover your account.

Set up trusted contacts

As mentioned above, the above solution won’t work if you don’t have your trusted contacts set up on your Facebook profile. When you add them, tell your friends so they know and can help you immediately in case you have lost your account. For set up your trusted contacts on Facebookfollow these steps:

  1. Go to your profile and press the arrow located to the right of the bell icon.How to set up trusted contacts on Facebook step 1
  2. Go to “Settings and privacy”.
  3. Choose «Setting”.How to set up trusted contacts on Facebook step 3
  4. Press “Security and login”.
  5. Look for the option “Choose 3-5 friends to contact in case you lose access to your account”. Press “Edit”.How to set up trusted contacts on Facebook step 5
  6. add, modify (clicking on “Edit”) or remove friends of your preference.

With identification documents

If you have recovered your account using any of the methods explained above, Facebook may place one last security check in case any type of hack has recently been detected. suspicious activity on your profile. In this situation, the platform will propose to recognize some photos of your friends or send your identification documents. If you want to do this last option, look at the following steps:

  1. When you enter your profile you will see that an information window opens entitled «Confirm your identity”. Choose «Continue”.How to recover a Facebook account with identification documents step 1
  2. Press one of the two options, either “Identify photos of friends» either «Ask your friends for help”. Choose “Continue”.
  3. Choose «Confirm my identity in another way”.How to recover a Facebook account with identification documents step 3
  4. Click on “Upload a photo ID» Y «Continue”. You may not see this option instantly, so steps 2 and 3 must be repeated several times.How to recover a Facebook account with identification documents step 4
  5. Read below the list of documents you can send to recover your Facebook account. If you have any available, press “Continue”. If not, select “I do not have any identification document from group one”.
  6. You will detail a second list with the documents you can send. Press “Continue”.
  7. Click on “choose photo”. Insert a photo that clearly shows both your face and your full name. Then, check the appropriate box and press “Continue”.How to recover a Facebook account with identification documents step 7
  8. Write an email frequently used.
  9. You will see a message from Facebook asking if the email you wrote is safe. Brand «Only I know the password for…”. Then click on “Continue”. With this you will have finished the process.

Recognizing photos of friends

Facebook may place another security check upon logging into your recovered Facebook account. The second alternative is acknowledging friends photos that you have added to your profile. In case you remember most of the people you have as friends on Facebook, just follow these steps:

  1. After entering your email and password you will see an information window indicating that your account has been blocked for security reasons, so your identity will be confirmed. Press “Continue”.
  2. Choose «Identify photos of friends» Y «Continue”.How to recover a Facebook account by identifying photos of friends step 2
  3. You will see the instructions to unlock your account with photo recognition. Press “Continue”. You will have to start recognizing 5 photos of your friends with their first and last names.
  4. Once you finish the photo recognition process, the social network will ask you to review your recent login. Reply «Yes» either «Nope”.
  5. Facebook will inform you that the process has been completed. Press on «Continue”.
  6. In your email you will receive a 6 digit security code. Check it, enter it and press “Continue”.
  7. now register a new password and select “Continue”. Once you finish this procedure you can enter your Facebook account.

Using Facebook Hacked

If you want to protect your account through security actions, you can use the protection measures of facebook hacked. At this point it is necessary to highlight that with this option you will not recover your account. You will only strengthen security to prevent a hacker from entering your account. Clarified this point, observe the steps you must take to control the security of your account using Facebook Hacked:

  1. Go to “Facebook Hacked” and press “my account is at risk”.
  2. Write your full name or the email with which you registered the account.
  3. Enter the old password that you remember or the current one.
  4. If you enter an incorrect password, Facebook will tell you if you want to receive a password reset code via email or text message. Choose some of the methods and follow the steps that have been explained above.
  5. If you enter the correct password, a information window prompting you to choose an option for which you want strengthen the security of your account. Then you need to press “Continue”.How to recover Facebook account with Facebook Hacked step 5
  6. After you have chosen the reason, press «Start».
  7. You will see an information window where you have to check the recent changes in your account. Click on “Continue”.
  8. Facebook Hacked will prompt you change your password. To do this, write the current one and then enter a new one.
  9. Then all the emails that are associated with your account will be revealed. In case you do not recognize any, check the corresponding box and select “Remove”. If all registered emails belong to you, press “Skip”.
  10. Then you will see people you’ve recently added. If you don’t recognize any of them, check the box and choose “Remove”. If not, press «Skip”.How to recover a Facebook account with Facebook Hacked step 10
  11. Now check your recent posts. Mark all those that you do not recognize to eliminate them. In case all of them are your publications, just select “Skip”.
  12. You should also review the comments you have made recently. In the same way, mark those that you have not done to eliminate them. Otherwise, choose «Skip”.
  13. With these steps you will finish the process and you will have the option to “Go to the news section”.

Reporting an error when logging in

If despite having reset the password of your Facebook account, you still cannot access it, the social network has a form in which you can report any inconvenience at the time of login. If you want to know what the procedure is to report an error when logging in, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Report a login error”.
  2. explain the problem with details commenting on what you were doing before, during and after the problem occurred, what you expected to happen and what actually happened.
  3. Press “choose files» Y attach a screenshot.
  4. Choose «Send”.How to report an error when logging in to Facebook

Sending a message to Facebook Support

If you have used all the resources and still do not have access to your Facebook profile, then you must write an email to [email protected]. It is recommended that you explain in detail what are the reasons why you do not access your profile. Also, add what procedures you have performed to recover your account. Facebook may ask you for an identification document to verify your identity.

Recommendations to avoid losing the account

There is no problem if you want to keep your profile inactive for a few months. However, in case you want to return to Facebook you must have several tools to help you log in quickly and easily. Therefore, here is a list of recommendations that you can take into account so that you do not lose your facebook account

  • Add your phone number and several emails that you handle frequently.
  • Change the passwordrecommended, every 4 or 5 months.
  • Write down all your passwords and emails in a notebook or notebook and keep them in a safe place.
  • If you deleted your profile, you can only recover it if the time limit has not passed stipulated by Facebook.

You have different methods to recover a facebook account in a comfortable, practical and simple way. Some options will be faster than others, but it all depends on how many settings you have enabled on your account. Therefore, it is also recommended to follow the tips that have been mentioned in order to have adequate options to restore your profile at any time.