Meet Truly Compassionate Nurse Practitioner, Benzy Thomas – Northwell Careers

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Meet Truly Compassionate Nurse Practitioner, Benzy Thomas – Northwell Careers

Meet Truly Compassionate Nurse Practitioner, Benzy Thomas

This blog is part of a series highlighting Northwell Health’s Advanced Clinical Providers (ACP). Each Northwell Health employee was nominated by their leadership as an individual who exemplifies a Northwell Health value.

When Benzy Thomas joined the Northwell Health team at Long Island Jewish Valley Stream, she had one goal in mind: to make an impact on the lives of her patients and the community as a whole. That was 2011. Now, nine years later, she finds herself making even more of an impact in ways she couldn’t even have imagined.

Today, Benzy functions as a DNP-prepared nurse practitioner leader, designing patient care experiences that impact outcomes and empowering dedicated team members who once stood in her shoes. She says, “I am able to bring a research paper writing service blend of clinical, leadership and organizational skills to the table that puts me in a unique position.”

For Benzy, working as a nurse practitioner at Northwell Health is full of inspiring moments, and being a part of her patient’s recovery is one of her greatest joys. “There is no better reward—that makes my day and that is absolutely why I do it, touching one life at a time,” she notes. But where there is joy, there are also often moments that are challenging.

When COVID-19 threatened the lives of so many, healthcare professionals were looked upon as the heroes that could help turn it around. Amongst those on the frontline was Benzy. She states, “I was directly involved in managing the COVID-19 cases. I will remember everything, but I don’t want to relive it.” And while these times were extremely difficult for Benzy and her team, with her positive outlook, she found a silver lining in it all. While caring for each of her patients and some through their near-death experiences, she recalls thinking to herself, “Family matters, my profession matters, life matters, truth matters.”

Having gained confidence in herself through a number of personal hobbies aside from her professional training, like traveling and acting, the stage was set for Benzy to succeed in healthcare. She adds, “I honestly love caring for people and making a difference in their lives.” That couldn’t be more apparent, especially in the way her fellow nurses and ACPs respond to her wealth of experience and knowledge. She says, “When I interact with nurses they appreciate the journey that I took to get where I am today. I strive to make every moment a teaching moment with the nurses, and at the same time inspire them to further their education so that they can be a vital component of future American health care services.”

At Northwell Health, there are many Nurse Practitioners like Benzy who are always in search of innovative ways to deliver the best care possible and care for the communities we serve. Benzy understands the value of collaboration and the power it holds in creating a transformative experience for Northwell Health’s patients and the healthcare community alike. She champions, “We are made for creating a better tomorrow than today, together as a team. Together we can achieve the impossible.”

Thank you, Benzy. Through your commitment, you are a perfect example of what it means to be a Truly Compassionate, inspired, and a driven ACP at Northwell Health.