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WhatsApp Web: how to log in by scanning the QR Code

WhatsApp Web How to log in by scanning the QR Code

whatsapp web is an available and viable option for reply to messages from your PC or through a Tablet. Also, you will have the convenience of sending different files or documents from your computer without having to add them to your phone first. With this option you will keep your WhatsApp account active while you work or carry out any other activity on your computer or Tablet.

In view of this, in this article you will find different methods to log in to WhatsApp Web by scanning the QR code. You can perform this action from a browser, Tablet, WhatsApp Desktop or from one phone to another. It is worth mentioning that for these options to work, you must have a Internet connection on both your phone and computer or the device of your choice. In this way the messages will be synchronized in real time from both devices.

From a browser

You can access WhatsApp Web from any computer or tablet thanks to the use of browsers. However, before accessing your account you must first scan the QR code that WhatsApp Web will show you on the screen. For log in WhatsApp from your browser just follow these steps:

  1. Opens WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. If you have an Android device, tap the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the screen. Instead on an iOS Smartphone, press “Settings» either «Settings”.
  3. Choose «whatsapp web”.
  4. Enter WhatsApp Web from any browser.
  5. Scan the QR code that you will have on the screen of your computer or tablet. You only have to place your camera directly over the QR code and it will be scanned automatically thanks to the internal scanner. Wait a few seconds and you will see that your conversations are on the screen of your Tablet or computer.

From WhatsApp Web to Desktop

The method explained above works for login to WhatsApp Web for Desktop. The only difference is that you must go to the official WhatsApp page and download the program corresponding to your operating system and install it on your computer. Then, you just have to follow the path: “WhatsApp > Press Settings or the 3 vertical points > WhatsApp Web > Scan QR code”.

The advantage of this option is that once you sync your phone with your computer, you will not have to re-scan the QR code. In other words, your WhatsApp Web Desktop session will remain active every time you access it from your computer. It is recommended that, if you choose this alternative, you use a personal computer so that another person does not access it without your authorization. This way you will keep the security of your conversations protected.

From one phone to another

When you need open WhatsApp Web from one phone to another cell phone, some steps usually change, since the browsers on the phones have the mobile version. This configuration must be altered so that you can log in to WhatsApp Web, at the same time that you must have Internet on both phones to allow them to be linked. Clarified this point, observe the following steps to perform the synchronization:

  1. Open the browser on the phone where you want to open WhatsApp Web and enter the official page of the platform.
  2. if you use Google Chromepress the three vertical dotsslide and choose the option “computer version”. If you use Opera, choose the three vertical dots and select “desktop site”.
  3. Now go to WhatsApp on the other cell phone and press the three vertical dots or the option of “Setting”.
  4. Choose «whatsapp web”.
  5. Place the camera of one phone on the screen of the other cell phone to scan the QR code. Wait a few seconds for the devices to sync.

Sign off

Once you have finished using the WhatsApp Web session, whether on a computer, tablet or phone, it is recommended to close the session to prevent someone else from reading your conversations in real time. With that being said, check out the steps below to sign out of whatsapp web:

  1. Sign in to WhatsApp from your phone.
  2. Go to “Setting” or press the three vertical dots.
  3. Choose «whatsapp web”.
  4. Click on the session that you want to close.
  5. Press “Sign off”.

Close all sessions

In the event that you have forgotten to log out of a computer, tablet or phone and you do not remember which device it was on, it is best to close all WhatsApp Web sessions that may have remained open. For that, you just have to follow the above path: “WhatsApp > Settings or three vertical dots > WhatsApp Web > Close all sessions > Close session”.

How to close all WhatsApp Web sessions

WhatsApp Web is an alternative to save response time while you are working from a computer or tablet. Therefore, you have different options to log in to WhatsApp Web scanning the QR code. In the same way, you have the specific procedure to log out both in a particular device and in all the sessions that you have left open.